Up and Coming : Rustic Mountain Cottage

I’ve been so busy I haven’t been able to catch up enough to write. But today I had a few moments to post about one of the next big things I’ll be decorating soon. A rustic Mountain Cottage being built on a 5 acre wooded lot. It’s a beautiful setting and part of the landscape (a rock ledge wall) will be incorporated into an outdoor living space. I can’t wait! The footers have been poured and the foundation walls are about to go up next. I’ll share more details as they happen so stay tuned for updates.

IMG_1338 copy.jpg
Clearing the driveway entrance.
IMG_1340 copy.jpg
Driveway clearing.
IMG_1341 copy.jpg
Driveway clearing out to main road.
Clearing for house.
Footers poured on rustic Mountain Cottage