Say Ah, For The Spa! Space Makeover

After my son went off to college, his Studio Apt. bedroom needed to go back to a functional rental space. So we decided to make it into a Spa. It needed a new floor badly, new paint and a bathroom overhaul. Here’s how it unfolded.

Pete pulling up the old carpet.


Life Proof faux flooring from Home Depot in Seasoned Wood was used for maximum durability.
Cabinets were reinstalled.
I love having fun and Snapchat had the perfect SPA filter !


AFTER Spa area for Foot Soaks and Massage
AFTER Fresh Clean and Welcoming
BEFORE. Small crowded Shower corner insert that was falling apart.
2014-01-23 11.07.27.jpg
Completely gutted shower space to make more room and new plumbing.
2014-01-25 19.22.06.jpg
New Sink Vanity
2014-02-01 13.17.48.jpg
New larger tiled shower and tiled floor. Neutral Tile from Home Depot.
AFTER Spacious tiled Shower and Bath. Vanity and Shower Door from Home Depot.



Rustic Modern Cottage Project

Production home builder, Keystone Custom Homes, was the Builder that was chosen to work with on this project. We took one of their models and customized it to realize the owner’s dream home. This process saved time and money which allowed the owner to get what they wanted according to budget. The normal white windows were replaced with Black Anderson casement windows and the typical light siding and trim colors were replaced with dark rustic grays and old-world taupes.

Through all of the rain during the past nine months. This Modern Rustic Cottage is finally almost move-in ready. Here is a shot to show exterior colors. The stone is still being installed on the front facade, but you get the idea.


I’m just now starting on the interior design. Here are a few photos to show the before. You’ll be surprised at the AFTER! But…. I’ll give you a little taste of what to expect. The photo below shows the Master Bedroom. The entire room, including the ceiling will be painted, and then a chandelier will be hung in the center. I’ll let you wonder how I’m going to deck out the room for a later post. The door on the right leads to the Master Bath. The initial flooring was carpet and that was just ripped out so the new flooring you now see could be installed by Home Depot. This process saves money over having the Builder do the upgrades.


The photo below shows the Master Bath with all of the tile I specified. Their are two vanities on opposing walls. To save money, the Builder installed low-end lighting and counter tops. After occupancy, the owner is going to replace the counter tops with a high-end Granite (from Home Depot) that I specified, and all of the lighting will also be replaced with a higher-end fixtures. This room will also be painted to complement the Master Bedroom.


After the reveal I will share the color choices.

See you soon with more!

Up and Coming : Rustic Mountain Cottage

I’ve been so busy I haven’t been able to catch up enough to write. But today I had a few moments to post about one of the next big things I’ll be decorating soon. A rustic Mountain Cottage being built on a 5 acre wooded lot. It’s a beautiful setting and part of the landscape (a rock ledge wall) will be incorporated into an outdoor living space. I can’t wait! The footers have been poured and the foundation walls are about to go up next. I’ll share more details as they happen so stay tuned for updates.

IMG_1338 copy.jpg
Clearing the driveway entrance.
IMG_1340 copy.jpg
Driveway clearing.
IMG_1341 copy.jpg
Driveway clearing out to main road.
Clearing for house.
Footers poured on rustic Mountain Cottage


A note from Chip & Joanna Gaines

With the onset of text message and emails, the art of writing letters has sadly become somewhat obsolete. Today I received a note from Joanna Gaines. As busy as she is, she could have sent an email or text, but she took the time to respond via good ole standard post mail. When the mail arrived, I had been running around multi-tasking, then I saw that I received a letter and couldn’t wait to rip it open. Her handwritten note on the back of her card made my day so I wanted to share it.

It’s nice to write to someone out-of-the blue and make their day. You can create your own custom note paper by typing a large initial or monogram at the top of your page. Or any type of design you may like, along with your relevant information. Don’t be afraid to play around and come up with something that represents YOU!

Here is Chip and Joanna’s note below:


I use a note paper with my star logo at the top, then enclose it into a petal enclosure, which then inserts into a translucent envelope. You can find these online at envelope speciality sites.


Thanks Joanna, your thoughtfulness allowed me to take a few moments of time for myself to appreciate you and your words.


Home Exterior Gets Curb Appeal

This home was tired, rotted and dated. The community it sits within is wooded with a nearby lake, walking trails, with a bit of rustic camp feel. I felt that the home clearly needed to blend in more with the landscape, along with incorporating some modern updates.




Repaired rotting wood, new paint choices, new porch furniture, outdoor patio rug, and planters make this home look entirely different!