Say Ah, For The Spa! Space Makeover

After my son went off to college, his Studio Apt. bedroom needed to go back to a functional rental space. So we decided to make it into a Spa. It needed a new floor badly, new paint and a bathroom overhaul. Here’s how it unfolded.

Pete pulling up the old carpet.


Life Proof faux flooring from Home Depot in Seasoned Wood was used for maximum durability.
Cabinets were reinstalled.
I love having fun and Snapchat had the perfect SPA filter !


AFTER Spa area for Foot Soaks and Massage
AFTER Fresh Clean and Welcoming
BEFORE. Small crowded Shower corner insert that was falling apart.
2014-01-23 11.07.27.jpg
Completely gutted shower space to make more room and new plumbing.
2014-01-25 19.22.06.jpg
New Sink Vanity
2014-02-01 13.17.48.jpg
New larger tiled shower and tiled floor. Neutral Tile from Home Depot.
AFTER Spacious tiled Shower and Bath. Vanity and Shower Door from Home Depot.



A note from Chip & Joanna Gaines

With the onset of text message and emails, the art of writing letters has sadly become somewhat obsolete. Today I received a note from Joanna Gaines. As busy as she is, she could have sent an email or text, but she took the time to respond via good ole standard post mail. When the mail arrived, I had been running around multi-tasking, then I saw that I received a letter and couldn’t wait to rip it open. Her handwritten note on the back of her card made my day so I wanted to share it.

It’s nice to write to someone out-of-the blue and make their day. You can create your own custom note paper by typing a large initial or monogram at the top of your page. Or any type of design you may like, along with your relevant information. Don’t be afraid to play around and come up with something that represents YOU!

Here is Chip and Joanna’s note below:


I use a note paper with my star logo at the top, then enclose it into a petal enclosure, which then inserts into a translucent envelope. You can find these online at envelope speciality sites.


Thanks Joanna, your thoughtfulness allowed me to take a few moments of time for myself to appreciate you and your words.