Stylish Bedroom Makeover

This bedroom look was inspired by the colors in the large abstract painting hanging in the room. I really love using lots of textures in my designs. And I also like unique one-of-a-kind pieces. For this room, I purchased a jute rug online; picked up the new Hooker dresser at a second hand store; bought and painted/distressed a desk from Craigslist for a vanity; reused the existing night stand; purchased the wall art which includes the color palette; purchased the gold mirror on clearance; bought the room darkening drapes online. then I finished off the look with some other existing decor items. This room came together so well. It’s stylish and yet the look is very inexpensive to achieve.

To save money when decorating a bedroom, consider using a metal platform bed frame like this one. You can purchase brackets to add a headboard if you like.

Bed linens are a combination of ivory duvet cover, throw pillows, and layered faux fur throws.

Here is a wide pan photo of the entire room. It has the feel of a trendy boutique hotel room.

bedroom Pan

Photography copyrighted by Misti Morningstar



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